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Is Nadine’s use of Chiropractic safe for my baby/child?


The technique that Nadine uses on babies and children is extremely gentle and different to adult Chiropractic. There are no manipulation style adjustments, no "cracking" or large movements. It does not hurt the child and more often than not, the child has no idea he/she has just been adjusted. Nadine has never had a complaint from a parent and many of her referrals come from maternal child health nurses and other health practitioners in the area.


What does the Chiropractic treatment involve?


On your first visit, Nadine will assess your child from head to toe. All age appropriate measurements, reflex tests and milestone checks will be performed to make sure your child is in optimal health. This initial appointment will also include hip, heart and lung assessments. Once Nadine is happy with the health status of your child, she will then proceed to check him/her "chiropractically". This involves some simple, slow and gentle movements of the joints of the body to check for flexibility (age appropriate) and symmetrical movement. If Nadine finds some tightness or restriction in the movement of a particular joint she will first show you, then explain what is happening and exactly how she will assist. She will not go any further unless you are 100% comfortable with the situation. THERE IS NO CRACKING OR MANIPULATION OR MOVING BONES. Nadine simply targets the tight muscles to make changes – a bit like pressure points USING HER FINGERS – NO INSTRUMENTS. Nadine will then demonstrate any changes in your child’s body and if appropriate will let you feel the joint move yourself.


How does the "gentle adjustment" work?


The philosophy is that every bone in your body is attached to muscles. It is the muscles that determine how the bones move and how they are positioned at rest. It is the nerves that tell the muscles what to do. Therefore if we can control what the nerves from the brain are doing, we can control the movement of the bones. This is why Nadine does not need to "crack" or manipulate bones to get a result. Instead she works with specific muscles according to the positioning of your joints. 

Unfortunately, much like aspects of many health professions including medicine and physiotherapy, there is no decent research to prove this, only numerous clinical studies. 


Why would a baby need chiropractic?


Labour is an arduous and traumatic event not only for mum but also on your tiny baby’s body. One common example is that a baby gets stuck in the mother’s pelvis during birth or needs assistance to get into the optimal position to exit the vagina or small caesarian incision. Sometimes quite a lot of (essential) force is used to get the baby out alive and quickly before he/she runs out of oxygen. This will occur so quickly, without you even knowing there is an issue. However, this force can easily cause trauma to the muscles in the baby’s neck. This in turn results in a stiff neck so the baby holds its head to one side most of the time. This can, and most often does result is a flat spot on one side of their head. This is called Plagiocephaly and if unresolved can lead to early school learning dysfunction.


Do you have HICAPS?

Yes. If you have private health insurance, bring your card to swipe and you will only be required to pay the gap.


Can I call to chat to Nadine about my child first?


Of course! Nadine aims to provide an interactive and open environment for parents and their children where any question is welcomed. It is important to Nadine that parents and children (who are old enough) know what will happen, why and how - so that you can be comfortable, informed and willing instead of just “trusting” in the her.

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