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Pregnancy and childbirth require extensive changes to your body. We help women rebuild strength, recover from pregnancy and prepare for future pregnancies or work/exercise safely.


What does this involve? 


A post natal session with The Body Bloom will involve an assessment of your:

  • Posture;

  • Tailbone placement;

  • Abdominal separation;

  • Pubic symphysis integrity;

  • Pelvic floor strength and innervation (externally); and

  • Other muscle spasms or weaknesses. 

READ OUR BLOG ON "Abdominal Separation (AKA Diastasis Recti): What is it, how to prevent it, identify it & repair it!"

We will use gentle Chiropractic treatments combined with specific and safe exercises and rehabilitation to strengthen any muscle or joint weaknesses brought about by pregnancy.


We will also address the many muscle imbalances that are caused by breastfeeding and leaning over a change table which can provide some very necessary relief. 

What to expect at your first session? 

In your appointment, we will ask you many questions about your pregnancy, birth, recovery and your goals for your body and family. We will perform a physical assessment to establish what changes or options you may want to consider and design a program that will best enable you to regain a stronger you.

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