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Every woman wants the best for their child, but not many know that their influence on the health of that child begins BEFORE conception. Research shows that the health status of a woman's body before conception can have a profound influence on the future health of her baby.

Nadine will ask many questions about you and your life and perform a physical assessment to establish what changes or options you may want to consider.

The Body Bloom offers preconception support through:

Assisting you in understanding your cycle and how to know when you are most fertile;

Dietary advice to best nourish and prepare your and your partner's body;

Prescribing exercises and rehabilitation work combined with gentle Chiropractic treatment to strengthen any muscle or joint weaknesses in preparation for pregnancy, in an attempt to prevent discomforts and postural/positional complications commonly associated with pregnancy; 

Discussing lifestyle influencing factors you may not have considered; and

Discussing caregiver options for pregnancy and birth and how to make the right decision for your ideal birth, according to the latest research.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture;

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