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Whether it is your first baby or your 5th, pregnancy and birth are two of the most life changing phases a woman can experience.  Therefore preparation of the mind and body are essential to positively influence the outcome for mother and child both emotionally and physically. 


Nadine will ask many questions about you, your life and your wishes for your pregnancy and birth. She will perform a physical assessment to establish what changes or options you may want to consider.

The Body Bloom offers pregnancy support through:

Exercises and specifically tailored rehabilitation programs to strengthen any weaknesses YOU have that may lead to pain and discomfort such as sciatica and pubic symphysis dysfunction. This can also assist in pelvic alignment in preparation for an easier birth and post natal recovery;

Educating women about birth and how to prepare for the type of birth they would like as well as different options when things don't go according to plan; and

Dietary advice to best nourish you and your growing baby through the different stages of pregnancy and the lead up to birth;

Lifestyle influencing factors you may not have considered, that are impacting your baby's health.

Gentle Physical therapy and Chiropractic techniques to release joint and muscle tension in an attempt to prevent and relieve discomforts and postural/positional complications commonly associated with pregnancy. As well as to prepare the body for labour to enhance the ease of a natural birth and to improve recovery post birth;

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