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Knowledge is the best way to prepare yourself for what is in store. From what to expect in pregnancy and how best to nourish yourself, to what happens in birth and beyond. 

These workshops have been developed using the latest research and contain unbiased information essential to preparing a woman for motherhood in the healthiest way. 

See below for examples of topics and dates.

NOTE: Classes are scheduled on demand. Please contact reception on 1300 910 432 for further information about dates or to express interest. 


Learn about your cycle, hormonal changes and how to know when you're most fertile.As well as factors that influence your fertility positively and negatively. We'll also discuss the important role of hormones in labour and how to avoid disrupting that process.


Learn how your lifestyle is changing your body, how that affects your labour and ways to combat it. Including exercises, stretches, and lifestyle and postural hints.



How to nourish yourself naturally to prepare your body for conception, through the different stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. We also discuss how toxic exposure may be impacting the health of our baby and tips to avoid it.



Learn about the imperative role our “good bugs” play in a healthy pregnancy, birth and the future health of your baby and what you can do to protect this precious ecosystem?



Understand what happens in your pelvis during a vaginal birth and apply that knowledge to troubleshoot in labour when things stall. Find out what you and your partner can do to open your pelvis during labour to assist in avoiding unnecessary intervention.

I’m proud to be a professional member of Evidence Based Birth®, where I take classes so that I can continually stay on top of research in the childbirth field. If you’re interested in joining, I’d love to see you there! You can join here.*
*Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link

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