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At The Body Bloom we offer preconception support to ensure couples are in peak physical condition prior to conception.

Why seek chiropractic care? 


Many women accept pain in pregnancy that they should not have to endure. The best opportunity to prevent discomforts and postural complications commonly associated with pregnancy is before you fall pregnant.

At The Body Bloom we use gentle Chiropractic treatment combined with exercises and rehabilitation to safely strengthen any muscle or joint weaknesses in preparation for a strong and comfortable pregnancy.

What to expect for your first session? 


At The Body Bloom we use gentle and modern techniques to achieve optimal body performance for our patients. We do not need to use traditional ‘cracking’ or manipulation of joints to get a result if this does not appeal to you. Alternatively, we works with specific muscles, ligaments and joint mobilisation according to your specific needs. 

We will always incorporate tailored strengthening/rehabilitation exercises into your management plan to ensure that the corrections she makes are long lasting and to prevent injuries from recurring. 

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