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The Body Bloom will have two main objectives for your care throughout pregnancy. For the majority of your pregnancy, we will make sure you are comfortable and strong and will work to prevent and relieve any pregnancy related pain or injuries. READ OUR BLOG ON "Common types of low back pain in pregnancy and how to treat them" and "Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)."


In the latter part of your pregnancy, we will shift our focus to preparing your pelvis for birth. 

READ OUR BLOG ON "Why is pelvic alignment essential for a successful vaginal birth?"


Why seek Chiropractic care? 

Many women accept pain in pregnancy that they should not have to endure. However, many of these discomforts can be easily relieved and prevented with the right care.

Childbirth requires an exceptional amount of flexibility of your pelvic bones to allow your baby to navigate through your bony passage. We will check the flexibility of these joints and ensure your pelvic floor and other pelvic ligaments and muscles are supple enough for adequate expansion during labour.

What to expect for your first session?

At The Body Bloom, we use gentle and modern techniques tailored to the pregnant body to achieve her objectives.  She does not need to use traditional ‘cracking’ or manipulation of joints to get a result if this does not appeal to you. Alternatively, we work with specific muscles, ligaments and joint mobilisation according to your specific needs.

We will always incorporate tailored strengthening/rehabilitation exercises into your management plan to ensure that the corrections we make are long-lasting and to prevent injuries from recurring.

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