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Gentle, bespoke care for women at every stage.

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Discover the difference gentle chiropractic can make for your pregnancy and birth recovery. ELIMINATE pain and discomfort and prepare your pelvis for a great birth! 

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Stay strong & recover well with tailored pregnancy & post natal rehabilitation

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Evidence based and specialised treatment and management  for your specific pregnancy and postpartum needs. 


The Body Bloom has been a leading women's health clinic in the Hills for over 10 years. Our female practitioners are highly trained and experienced in the specific needs of women. Our areas of focus include pelvic floor health, pain in pregnancy, sciatica, diastasis recti, symphysis pubis dysfunction, post natal rehabilitation and preparing the pelvis for a great birth!

Our vision for The Body Bloom is to assist women holistically though what is an extremely challenging, physically taxing, exciting and transforming stage of life. So that women can enjoy the process, strong and pain free with have a sense of empowerment in the choices they make for their bodies and their family.

"It is a privilege to work with women during this phase of life and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share our confidence and pride in the female body! We hope you'll soon feel the same."

Nadine Mulder
Chiropractor & Pilates Instructor
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Nadine is currently living and studying in the US. If you have a questions for her, you can reach her at

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